As ‘Going Green’ Gains Traction Among Consumers, Green Home Solutions Stands Out as the Air Quality Brand to Beat

There’s no shortage of consumers across the country who all value different things. But there’s one thing that they all share in common: the majority of their lives are spent indoors.

Between eating, sleeping, working and even watching television, people are constantly moving from one indoor location to another. And those environments aren’t necessarily safe—every material introduces new chemicals, fibers, toxins and allergens into the air that we then breathe. That’s why issues like mold and air quality are not uncommon. However, for years, the solutions to those problems required the use of even more chemicals and harmful products. But now, Green Home Solutions is paving the way to alternative treatments that ensure safety is top of mind.

Backed by a commitment to find natural and safe solutions to problems that often pop up in the home, Green Home Solutions is out on a mission to protect families and their pets from air quality threats. The brand is at the forefront of the increasingly popular movement to “go green,” meaning that its fast, easy and effective methods go beyond eliminating bacteria and other harmful materials—Green Home Solutions also ensures that its services are beneficial to its customers’ health and well-being.

“There’s a cultural shift taking place across the country. People are more and more concerned about their health and wellness, which means that they’re actively looking for green solutions that will help them and the environment. And this is a trend that’s only going to get stronger— I’m moderately green, my children are more committed to going green than I am and my grandchildren will go even further than that,” said Russ Weldon, founder and chief cultural officer of Green Home Solutions. “That’s why Green Home Solutions has become consumers’ go-to brand for their air quality needs. When people are treating their homes or offices, they want to make sure that they’re eliminating the problem while also enhancing their health.”

Green Home Solutions provides a wide variety of services for residential and commercial customers. It’s signature service addresses mold and odor control by using an EPA-registered ultra-fine misting system that kills not just mold, but the spores it leaves behind. The brand also offers solutions for duct cleaning, encapsulation and mold air testing—Green Home Solutions uses natural, plant-based ingredients to eliminate harmful allergens and odors.

All of these solutions are designed with the customer in mind—Green Home Solutions’ process is designed to be quick and effective, starting with its visual mold assessment and air quality test. The brand’s team of experts will conduct a thorough initial investigation and recommend their course of treatment, which can include air quality testing to determine the extent and source of someone’s mold problem. If a home tests positive for mold, Green Home Solutions will then provide a custom quote for treatment. And after that treatment is complete, the brand will then test the home again to ensure that all of the mold spores have been removed.

Green Home Solutions also recently introduced long-term surface coating to its lineup of extensive and comprehensive services. The brand’s proprietary spray creates a barrier between people and harmful bacteria on countertops, cabinets, fixtures and more. And the technology is incredibly long-lasting—surfaces sprayed with Green Home Solutions’ surface coating are still preventing the spread of germs two years after its first application.

“The services that we offer our customers are second to none. There isn’t another brand out there that’s able to match our track record for success—our methods have been tested and are scientifically proven to work,” said Weldon. “That strong reputation combined with climbing demand for our services creates an unrivaled recipe for success, and we’re looking forward to introducing our concept to new communities and families.”

As the spotlight on green solutions to traditional problems continues to shine brighter, Green Home Solutions is planning to grow alongside the industry. And given that the brand is already in on the ground level of a segment primed for exponential growth, there’s no doubt that it’s positioned for success.

“People across the country are more focused on living a healthy lifestyle than they’ve ever been before. That starts with working out and eating right—consumers want to know what they’re putting into their bodies. But think about how many times you eat per day versus how many times you breathe. Calories and carbs aren’t the only things that we put in our bodies every day. It’s also poisons and toxins,” said Glen Snyder, chief development officer for Green Home Solutions. “That’s where the power behind Green Home Solutions comes in. People spend the majority of their lives indoors, whether they’re at home or at work, and they’re increasingly concerned about their well-being in those environments. There’s strong cultural momentum behind the indoor air quality industry, and we’re positioned as the leaders in this category.”