Multi-Unit Owner Experiences ‘Astronomical Growth’ Alongside Green Home Solutions

When Brian Brady first signed on to become a Green Home Solutions franchisee two years ago, he thought he knew all about what the franchising industry had to offer. But after seeing the brand’s profit margins first hand, he realized that there are limitless opportunities to reach his full potential as an entrepreneur.

Brady was familiar with franchising before joining the growing Green Home Solutions team—he previously owned and operated seven Wireless Zone stores. However, after nine years, he decided that he wanted to switch up industries. Instead of working in retail behind a counter, Brady wanted to be out in his local community helping those around him. And Green Home Solutions gave him the chance to do just that.

For nearly a decade, Green Home Solutions has been bringing top tier products and services to homes and businesses across the country. The brand’s commitment to natural products that promote a healthier living environment ensure that every time an insect or air quality threat is eliminated, the process and treatment plan is as safe as it is effective. That’s why Brady decided to become one of the brand’s franchisees—he recognized the opportunity to introduce that one of a kind concept to new communities.

“There are significant differences between Green Home Solutions and other traditional mold removal services. But the biggest one that stands out to me is the fact that our disinfectant doesn’t just kill mold or cover it up—it also eliminates bacteria and viruses. That’s what makes us so appealing to consumers. I’ve had multiple customers tell me that they’ve felt healthier within a week after we finish a job,” said Brady. “Being a Green Home Solutions franchisee is incredibly rewarding. Not only do you get to help people live a greener, healthier lifestyle, but you also get to make a great living while doing it.”

Green Home Solutions’ franchise system is designed to set owners like Brady up for success. In addition to providing a service that’s geared towards one of the biggest cultural shifts taking place across the country—going green—the brand also provides its franchisees with an affordable initial investment and simple model that allows them to get their businesses off the ground quickly. Green Home Solutions also provides training for its owners to ensure that they have the tools and resources that they need to succeed at their disposal.

“We’re in a league of our own when it comes to mold remediation. Especially as more consumers adapt an environmentally friendly approach to living, Green Home Solutions is paving the way for safe, affordable and effective air quality solutions,” said Glen Snyder, chief development officer for Green Home Solutions. “The desire to go green is at an all-time high, and the movement is only going to gain traction from here. That’s why we’re eager to welcome more passionate franchisees like Brian into our system—we’re looking forward to bringing our model to new markets.”

New franchisees aren’t the only force fueling Green Home Solutions’ expansion efforts. Existing local owners—including Brady—are also growing alongside the brand with multiple units. Right now, Brady currently operates four different locations, and he just purchased the rights to two more territories. In total, his businesses will now service southwest Virginia and Greensboro, North Carolina. And Brady is encouraging other franchisees to buy up the rights to their local territories—he says that Green Home Solutions is gaining momentum, and markets will sell out fast.

“Green Home Solutions is growing at an astronomical rate across the board. That’s why I tell everyone who’s interested in becoming a franchisee to act fast—markets are already starting to sell out,” said Brady. “Between our unique positioning in the marketplace and climbing demand for our services, there’s no doubt in my mind that Green Home Solutions will continue to expand at a rapid rate. It’s an exciting brand to be a part of, and I’m looking forward to seeing how far we can extend our reach going forward.”