Franchise Owner Makes it His Business to Help Others

Franchise Owner Brian BradyBrian Brady enjoys owning businesses, lots of businesses. Growing his business portfolio with an entertainment company, a wedding venue, and a food truck, Green Home Solutions has become his latest venture. He couldn’t resist joining a franchise that makes a real difference in the lives of people in his community.

Since launching his six Green Home Solutions Business franchise locations across Virginia and North Carolina three years ago, business continues to boom. People cannot seem to get enough of the life-improving services that the franchise provides.

“We hear about kids that have asthma or allergies and can’t sleep through the night, because they have chronic coughs. When we remove the mold and allergens in the home, these kids start to get better, almost overnight,” said Brian.

Indoor air quality may not be something that is even on someone’s radar—until someone gets sick. Then they want results fast. That’s where Green Home Solutions can solve the problems better and faster than their competitors, according to Brian.

“Our products are safe for kids, pets, and the environment, and typically, we can complete the mold remediation process in as little as 24 hours.”

An obvious believer in the brand, Brian says his secret to success is hustle, and he’s shown his extreme work ethic by how much his locations have grown and how he’s continuously striving to find more partners that can promote Green Home Solutions’ services.

“You need to get out in the community, knock on doors and promote your business. We have created a new side to our business by speaking to people in the medical field about the importance of air quality in treating health conditions. It has opened up a whole new book of business for us.”

If you share in Brian’s drive to help your community with a Green Home Solutions franchise, fill out the INQUIRE NOW form at the top of the page to get started.