Green Home Solutions has Recommendations for Keeping your Family Healthy this Season

With the kids back in school and the weather getting cooler, the quality of indoor air in your home takes on more importance. Once summer is over, most of us spend more than 90% of our time indoors, heightening everyone’s exposure to allergens and mold in the home. What may be most surprising is that you can have airborne mold in your home without ever seeing any signs of it.

This health topic was recently covered in a Fox 56 segment featuring Green Home Solutions Franchise Owner Clay Neff. Green Home Solutions is the leading indoor air quality franchise, which uses environmentally friendly ways to improve air quality in homes and businesses.

For people concerned about their family’s health and their exposure to allergy triggers in the home, Neff offers a bit of advice. If you have allergy symptoms all year long and you feel better outdoors than inside, you should have your home tested.

And don’t worry if mold is actually found. Green Home Solutions can treat the problems by using our proprietary sprays and treatments without having to take down walls. Our safe, environmentally responsible products are designed to do more than just kill mold that’s in a home—they also eliminate the root of mold and toxin problems.

So, as your calendar fills up with activities this fall, add one action item and schedule an appointment with Green Home Solutions. You and everyone in your home (even pets) will breathe a little easier.

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