Green Home Solutions Franchising Wins Big at 2019 Annual Convention

  • Appreciation For Years of Service & Commitment – Fred Wallace
  • Recognition of Service Award – Andy Brady, Brian Brady, Mark Petro, David Robles, Ray Leung and Jon Mitton.
  • Board Member Recognition of Service – Russ Weldon.
  • Board Member Recognition of Service – Karen Weldon.
  • Employee of the Year Award – Ian Wilson
  • >20% Sales Growth, Top 25% Rank, Participation, Good Standing – Dustin Maurice.
  • >15% Sales Growth, Top 25% Rank, Participation, Good Standing, Outreach, National Partnership – Brian Brady.
  • Highest Average Monthly Sales, Time to Operations (Fast Start) – Charles Clark.
  • Top Gross Sales January – September (Top Grossing Entity) – Ray Leung and Steve DuBois.
  • Year-Over-Year Sales Growth – (Growth) – Emil Font.
  • Creates and Establishes Networking Opportunities that Grows Business (Networking) – Jon DelGrosso.
  • Creative and Effective Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Presence (Marketing Master) – Andy Brady and Brian Brady.
  • Passion for GHS and Customers, Charitable, Gives Back (Humanitarian) – Julie Brown.
  • Monthly Top Performing Unit Sales, Consistent YoY Growth (Consistent Achiever) – Mark Petro.

Congrats to all of the 2019 winners!