Improve Your Home’s Air Quality With These Products and Services From Green Home Solutions

Green Home Solutions is an indoor air quality company with a goal to make your living space healthy, breathable and safe. In order to do so, Green Home Solutions utilizes products and services that have been developed to meet the unique needs of each consumer so everyone can benefit from their services. 1851 Franchise caught up with Neal Thompson, Executive Director of Sales and Training, and David Bloom, Chief Science Officer, to learn about five unique Green Home Solutions products and services and why they are great for both customers and franchisees.

Oceanic: Removes Mold

Arguably their most popular product, Oceanic is Green Home Solutions’ proprietary plant-based formulation which is used to inactivate and eliminate mold. ”Since most consumers initially hire Green Home Solutions for mold removal, Oceanic allows franchisees to make safer living spaces in the home through a proven process — often with little to no need for expensive demolition,” shared Bloom.

Thompson agreed, “Our product works at the molecular level to get right down to the roots of the mold, allowing more building materials to be preserved. It’s a faster process than actually having to tear everything out and minimizes disruption to the property owner and occupants.”

BetterAir: Replenish Good Bacteria and Eliminate Odor

After mold remediation or disinfection services, Green Home Solutions partners with BetterAir in order to provide customers with a probiotic solution for replenishing good bacteria. Probiotics are naturally occurring bacteria that maintain balance and provide a protective shield against indoor contaminants.

“Our probiotic air purification system releases these good bacteria into the living space, allowing them to work naturally to reduce common irritants like pollen, dust mite matter and pet dander,” explained Bloom.

Air Duct Cleaning

Understanding that mold and dust gather in air ducts, Green Home Solutions offers customers the opportunity to have their air ducts cleaned. This cleaning removes particles that may be irritants and creates cleaner air flow throughout the home.

Crawl Space/Basement Encapsulation

Indoor air flow typically occurs from the bottom up. Any mold or other pollutants can make their way from the crawlspace to the living space above. Our technicians will first address any moisture and/or mold issues in the crawl space or basement, then they will install an encapsulation system to seal the space from the outdoor environment. “The result is increased energy efficiency and improved comfort and indoor air quality in the living space”, shared Thompson.

Halosil: Disinfection Services

Green Home Solutions also provides disinfection services. This unique system is a first-of-its-kind dry fog that utilizes simple hydrogen peroxide to achieve hospital grade disinfection, eliminating pathogens that can cause illness including C. diff. Previously only available to hospitals, Green Home Solutions can now offer this service for your home, school, office, gym – anything you touch!

“Our goal is simple. Provide the very best products and services that are affordable, effective and from renewable resources,” shared Thompson. “We make air better!.”