Former School Teacher Makes the Smart Business Decision, Joins Green Home Solutions.

Julie Brown has a knack for teaching others. For years, she was a nursery school and kindergarten teacher, and she loved helping kids learn. Now, in her role as a Green Home Solutions Franchise Owner, she is still teaching others, but this time it’s about how they can improve the air quality in their homes.

She put her skills to the test when Hurricane Irene hit the Southeast U.S. in August, 2011. As the waters receded, it left homeowners and businesses with an even worse problem—mold. For many, the adverse health effects of mold required immediate attention and a solution that was affordable to treat. Enter Julie Brown and her team at Green Home Solutions.

“People were so grateful for the help we gave them. They were in tears. During that very stressful time, we gave them an affordable, non-toxic solution that got rid of the mold without upending their homes or their lives.”

Although Julie proved that Green Home Solutions can get results even after a natural disaster, mold can happen anywhere, in any home. That’s why her business continues to boom. She currently has more than 10 locations and loves being in yet another profession that helps others. And she says that the future looks very bright.

“It is such a growing business, and it is not going to slow down. Air always needs improvement, and Green Home Solutions is going to be there for all the communities we serve.”

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