Green Home Solutions’ Evolution from Mold Remediation to Indoor Air Quality Franchise Fuels Successful 2017

For Green Home Solutions, the leading indoor air quality franchise, 2017 was a year marked by significant evolution and consistent growth. While other players in the franchising industry struggled to keep up, Green Home Solutions is heading into the new year with a renewed sense of energy and purpose.

That ability to enter 2018 on such a strong note starts with the fact that this year, the brand was able to emerge from its infancy stages. Right now, there are around 60 franchisees who are currently tapping into the powerful potential behind Green Home Solutions’ business ownership opportunity. Those franchisees currently operate over 164 locations, putting the brand well within reach of crossing the milestone 200-unit mark in the near future. And since the start of 2017, Green Home Solutions has added 65 new units. That means that the brand opened up new locations at a rate higher than one per week. Green Home Solutions also welcomed 15 new franchisees into its system over the course of the year.

Russ Weldon, the founder and Chief Cultural Officer behind Green Home Solutions, says that growth is due to the fact that the brand’s franchisees are following the system that the brand lays out across its entire system.

“Market share is the reward for doing the job right. So, all our team is trying to do is do the job right,” he said. “Our ability to consistently experience growth isn’t an accident. Green Home Solutions went through a significant evolution in 2017—we started out as a green solution to mold problems, but this year, we emerged as an indoor air quality company. We aren’t just eliminating mold problems. We’re providing people with a one of a kind service that gets at the biological and bacterial root of the issue. We’re eliminating all types of odors, allergens and toxins from people’s homes, not just covering them up. That’s allowed us to create a business that people can feel good about. Franchisees are joining our system because they want to be able to make a difference while making a living. And we’re the only brand that’s able to provide that type of proven business ownership opportunity in the indoor air quality space.

In addition to its natural evolution, Green Home Solutions’ successful year is also due in part to the fact that the brand took the time to improve its own internal system. Glen Snyder, Chief Development Officer for Green Home Solutions, explains that the brand’s enhanced leadership team and business model are attracting even more top tier franchisees.

“Over the course of 2017, we matured internally. Our leadership team and infrastructure have both gotten stronger—the machinery behind our business model is running very well. The team that we’ve assembled boasts a lot of experience in a variety of segments within the franchising industry, and it’s all meshing together very well,” said Snyder. “We’re starting to see those internal enhancements make a positive difference in our business as we continue to look for multi-unit owners to grow with in the new year. The cost to operate more than one unit with us is minimal, so both new and existing franchisees are signing on to develop territories before they’re grabbed by someone else. Our opportunity is selling quickly, and franchisees are taking advantage of the opportunity that we’re presenting.”

Going forward in 2018, Green Home Solutions is planning to expand in the Carolinas and across the Midwest in states like Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Michigan and Wisconsin. The brand is confident that it will achieve growth in those markets—between its simple business model, position as a leader in the increasingly popular green industry and its affordable initial investment that ranges from $45,675 to $76,250, Green Home Solutions is poised for continues growth in the year ahead.

Jeff Panella, CEO of Green Home Solutions, said, “When you have a great business model, a great corporate team and great franchisees, success is inevitable.”