Green Home Solutions to Build on Strong Momentum in Alabama by Targeting New Markets for Development

The desire to go green, safe and natural is sweeping the nation. Consumers are increasingly looking for ways to incorporate environmentally friendly products and services into their daily routines in an effort to enhance their health—in fact, over 60 percent of people say that they plan to use green services in their homes. That’s why Green Home Solutions is experiencing tremendous success.

Founded in 2010, the rapidly growing franchise concept is helping both consumers and business owners tap into the power of environmentally conscious solutions to common household problems. From mold and odor elimination to duct cleaning and encapsulation, Green Home Solutions is providing safe, natural, affordable and effective alternatives to traditional methods, positioning itself at the forefront of a previously untapped industry. And it’s evident that its unique approach to improving indoor air quality is working—with around 140 locations currently open for business, local owners are successfully reaching their targeted customers.

One of Green Homes Solutions’ most successful locations is located in Birmingham, Alabama. Led by the state’s area representative for the state, franchisee Mark Petro has established a strong reputation for the brand in the area over the past two years. That’s why Green Home Solutions is now looking to leverage its existing momentum by targeting Mobile, Montgomery and Huntsville for expansion.

“I believe that we’ve been successful so far because people are becoming more green-conscious across the board. As a society, it’s more important than ever before to consider what you’re breathing in every day and what that air will look like in the future,” said Petro. “That shift to go green is especially evident in Alabama, making it a market that’s primed for growth. We experience extreme heat and humidity most months out of the year, which makes mold a more prevalent issue. Franchisees who sign on to open up their own location can then capitalize on that heightened demand while making a positive impact in their local community at the same time.”

Green Home Solutions franchisees are able to make that positive impact by providing the brand’s long list of services. All of the products that it uses when eliminating mold and odors are natural, and are designed to be safe for families and their pets. Green Home Solutions also monitors the helpful bacteria throughout its treatment process, ensuring that the health and well-being of its customers is preserved, or even enhanced.

“What makes Green Home Solutions so unique is the fact that we’re more than your average mold remediation company. We’re really in the indoor air quality business, which allows our franchisees to tap into multiple revenue streams,” said Petro. “We also boast a proprietary mold killing solution that’s all natural and affordable. We don’t have to use the bash and trash method that other companies do—our products are proven to work without needing to knock down walls. Instead, our method allows us to preserve the integrity of a home while killing mold, its spores and any other allergens in the air.”

That unique approach to the indoor air quality industry is what continues to make Green Home Solutions stand out to potential owners and customers alike. It’s also what fuels the brand’s consistent and rapid growth—Green Home Solutions is consistently breaking into new markets. In addition to cities across Alabama, the brand also has its sights set on expanding its reach in Iowa, North Carolina, South Carolina and Indiana before 2017 comes to a close.

“The possibilities for growth are unlimited right now—that’s what makes me so excited about Green Home Solutions’ franchising opportunity. We’re paving the way in a segment that’s only expected to grow, and we’re committed to helping our franchisees take advantage of that momentum,” said Glen Snyder, chief development officer for Green Home Solutions. “Based on the success that we’re seeing in Birmingham right now, we’re confident that the rest of Alabama will be ideal for expansion. We’re looking forward to launching new locations there, and we’re excited to see the local owners who sign on to open a location in the state thrive alongside our brand.”