Former Teacher Turned Franchisee Grows from 2 Units to 12 with the Help of Green Home Solutions

For Julie Brown, owning her own business didn’t seem like it would fit into her career path. Both she and her husband were established teachers who shared a great passion for their jobs, and she wasn’t planning on doing anything else. However, after taking some time off to raise her young children, Brown found herself wondering what she should do next. That’s when she was introduced to Green Home Solutions.

“After being at home with my children for a few years, I wasn’t sure what my next move was career wise. It just so happens that Russ Weldon, the founder of Green Home Solutions, is a good family friend. He was over for dinner and telling me all about the amazing products that the brand has, and I knew right away that I wanted to learn more. I know better than most people about how damaging mold can be—my husband and I were living in a rental property where there was mold for a short time, and I actually got so sick that I broke a rib from coughing. Working with Green Home Solutions seemed like a great way to help others who are dealing with that same problem,” said Brown. “After my family moved to Vermont, we were hearing stories about families who were struggling to fix their homes after Hurricane Irene. So, we decided to open up our own franchise.”

Since opening that first franchise in 2014, Brown has grown exponentially alongside the Green Home Solutions brand. Today, she operates 12 units that provide top tier mold remediation services across parts of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. That’s why it’s no surprise that she recently won the Best Sand Shot award at Green Home Solutions’ recent annual conference—the award is given to someone that gets it “in the cup” unexpectedly. Brown has been able to build an incredibly successful business in a short amount of time, which is partially due to her decision to start a BNI group where there wasn’t one before. Brown also says that her success with the brand is partially due to word of mouth marketing—in the close-knit communities that her businesses call home, people are willing to spread the word about the brand’s effective services. However, her success is also due in part to Green Home Solutions’ one of a kind business model.

Green Home Solutions eliminates the need for the costly, traditional mold remediation methods of the past that require tearing down walls at an incredible expense. Instead, the brand has a proprietary spray that gets to the root of mold problems by breaking down its spores. This then ensures that homes, businesses and other areas continue to be safe for people. All of Green Home Solutions’ products are also environmentally friendly.

“Our great customer service is what enables growth, along with the fact that we offer products that no one else does. When you combine those competitive advantages, it creates an unbeatable business ownership opportunity,” Brown said. “Up until now, there hasn’t been a brand in the industry that’s been able to come up with a product that can break down mold spores. That’s why we’re completely changing the game—Green Home Solutions is truly operating in a league of its own.”

Brown is one of around 60 franchisees who are currently tapping into the potential behind Green Home Solutions’ franchise opportunity. Those franchisees operate 140-plus locations, putting the brand in a position where it’s primed for growth. Green Home Solutions is aiming to cross the milestone 200-unit mark in the near future, with plans to continue expanding to 300, 400 and 500 units—and beyond. And with its long list of competitive advantages—including an affordable initial investment that ranges from $45,675 to $76,250—Green Home Solutions is expecting to exceed all of its growth expectations.

“I couldn’t have asked to work with a better group of people. Every member of the Green Home Solutions team—from the brand’s corporate team to other franchisees—are all so kind and share the same passion that I have for helping people improve their indoor air quality. That’s not something that you normally get out of a traditional job,” said Brown. “We just had our annual conference, and it was so amazing to see everyone and be able to catch up. Everyone is really working together to figure out ways to better work with our customers and enhance our overall operations, which makes me even more excited to continue growing with Green Home Solutions down the line.”