The Sydney House Disinfection Project

On August 12th, Green Home Solutions performed a Level 1 disinfection project for The Sydney House, a Habitat For Humanity Building located in Bronx, New York. From the Habitat Site:

Sydney House, a joint venture with the Almat Group, now under construction, will provide 56 hard-working New York City families with the chance to become first-time homeowners. The development will consist of 26 one-bedroom apartments, 23 two-bedroom apartments, and 7 three-bedroom apartments as well as a shared 2,000 sq. ft. recreation space. Sydney House will be the largest multi-family development built by a Habitat for Humanity affiliate to date.

More information: The Sydney House

Several franchise owners and employees volunteered their time, including:

Joe Picciallo, from Green Home Solutions of Greater Morris County
John Frinzi, from Green Home Solutions of Washington, NJ
Sam Allman, from Green Home Solutions of Long Island
Stephen Hersh, from Green Home Solutions of Upper Westchester
Eli Hersh, from Green Home Solutions of Upper Westchester
Erik Langer, from Green Home Solutions of Upper Westchester
Jon Mitton, Executive Director of Operations
Jeff Panella, President and CEO

The day started with a meeting about how to tackle the project, and it was decided that they break into 2 teams and tackle alternating floors. With 56 apartments across 7 floors, this was no easy task!

Within the first hour, it was clear that the team had great chemistry (no pun intended) and performed a thorough disinfectant application. They started the process with a wipe down of all high contact surfaces using our green cleaner, and followed that with an application of our disinfectant to ensure that each living space was properly treated.

Wiping down all high-touch surfaces

Applying Disinfectant

Applying disinfectant with a fog master

The process ran very smoothly, and Jeff Panella turned out to be a great addition to the team. Everyone involved pitched in and got this project completed in record time. As Jon wrapped up the project, we also left a little calling card to let the new owners know that GHS reset their environment with our disinfection services.

This project was a great example of Green Home Solutions giving back to the community through a great organization. We would like to thank Habitat For Humanity for this wonderful opportunity, and we would also like to thank all of the volunteers that made this project a success. We will have more videos and stories on the way in the coming days!