Veteran James Bushey Transitioned into Corporate America Easily with Support from Green Home Solutions

Veteran James BusheyJames Bushey is a veteran and father of three who served in the United States Marine Corps for three years. In 2010, he was discharged for a torn rotator cuff and shortly thereafter, six months later his second son James Jr. was born. Jr. was born with severe health issues, including a mass on his lung and within minutes of birth he was rushed into emergency surgery. Bushey knew his son was going to be susceptible to breathing issues for the rest of his life.

After his son was discharged, Bushey wanted to transition into corporate America. The veteran was first introduced to the franchise world during his career at Wireless Zone, where he worked for Hershel Martin who owned 10 locations throughout the Virginia/Maryland area. Bushey worked his way up the ranks and held numerous positions from the Sales Consultant, Store Manager and Director of Sales. During this time, he worked closely with Tim Capriani as well and they developed a strong relationship as colleagues.

After relocating back to Virginia, Bushey knew he wanted to start exploring franchise opportunities of his own when he and Capriani were approached by Martin about a business opportunity — Green Home Solutions. This immediately stood out to the entrepreneur because of his son’s health complications. While living in one of his previous apartments, his son became ill and had to be hospitalized due to the mold and poor air quality. Bushey began to explore local air quality control companies that could provide mold remediation services. He came up empty-handed. Most of the firms were pumping nasty amounts of chemicals into his home to treat the mold. Bushey wanted to open up a chemical-free, effective air quality control company. Bushey was instantly drawn to Green Home Solutions’ brand mission of protecting families and pets from air quality threats by using natural, chemical-free solutions.

Martin, Capriani and Bushey signed on to open a Green Home Solutions in the Central Virginia area in September 2015 and haven’t turned back. Martin is a co-owner, but Capriani and Bushey are heavily involved and handle the day-to-day operations for Green Home Solutions, from conducting home visits, selling services and treating homes.

“My son’s health complications are the main reason I jumped into the remediation business. I had such a strong connection with the brand and its services. I wanted to be able to help people in my community and give back. Green Home Solutions is a great business that is dedicated to creating healthy indoor air environments,” said Bushey.

The central Virginia community has found success and a love for Green Home Solutions as well, seeing as the business has expanded their clientele almost 10 times from when they originally opened.

“I love owning my own business – Green Home Solutions has made the transition from being in the Marine Corps to owning my own business very easy and enjoyable. I try my best to pay it forward to other veterans in the community whether that be hiring veterans or giving them a discount on Green Home’s services. The corporate team has really made the whole franchise experience wonderful. They’re available 24/7 to listen to our needs as a franchisee. You’re definitely in business for yourself, but not by yourself because the corporate team is always by our side. They take all of our opinions to heart and I think that says a lot about the business,” Bushey stated.

Bushey and his co-owners are a few months shy of their three-year anniversary and they couldn’t be more pleased with their success. Bushey and team have grown to 11 territories in just three years and are looking to continue to expand throughout the state as opportunities arise.

“With an opportunity as great as this we’d be remiss to not expand our territory and open new locations. We love the business and the business model. Green Home Solutions has really made a difference for my son’s health, he’s doing great – I know our services work,” said Bushey.

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