Green home solutions sees impressive 2020 growth through multi-unit franchise agreements

As disinfecting and indoor air-quality become top of mind to many Americans, Green Home Solutions has proven to be at the forefront of both rapidly growing industries. Entrepreneurs are taking note too. In the first half of 2020, Green Home Solutions, the first franchise to specialize exclusively in indoor-air quality, has signed 25 new franchise agreements, a six-month record for the brand.

The franchise with essential, high-demand disinfection services

Now’s the time to join our franchise family. We’ve officially been identified as an essential business because of our services, which means ongoing revenue for you. Our disinfection protocols, coupled with the EPA-registered products like Halosil,kill 99.99% of viruses and germs, including the newest threat, Coronavirus.

Our Franchise Owners are busy offering three levels of disinfection, including:

We built our disinfection services in a way that will also address future pandemics should they emerge. Adding value to our franchise system is just one of the many reasons why Green Home Solutions is a recession-resilient business and a leading Franchisor in the essential home services industry.

With Green Home Solutions enjoy low cost of entry, multiple revenue systems, home office, and few employees.

The Green Home Solutions Story

Our franchise company is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Russ Weldon, who throughout his career has had the rare ability to identify an emerging need and then create a way to answer that need. For Green Home Solutions, his vision was nothing less than making a positive impact on the planet while improving people’s lives and health.

Since starting the business in 2012, his company has helped more than tens of thousands homeowners and businesses remove mold and improve air quality using effective plant-based products and planet-friendly processes pioneered by Green Home Solutions. This gives our customers, their families, and pets relief from mold, allergens, and bacteria without relying on harsh chemicals.

The result? Healthier homes, a better world, and a booming franchise business that is truly making a difference.

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“Are you interested in joining a proven successful business model that works directly with Habitat for Humanity and that solves problems that directly relate to health issues and healthier Indoor environmental conditions?”

Russ Welden – Chief Cultural Officer

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