Multi-Unit Husband-and-Wife Franchisee Team Brings Green Home Solutions to Georgia and Tennessee

Michael and Staci Douglas’ business acumen and experience in the property services industry make them a perfect match for multi-unit ownership with Green Home Solutions.

With experience in both property services and real estate, Michael and Staci Douglas quickly recognized the value of . When the duo decided it was time to expand their business portfolio, the service-based concept was a perfect choice. Now, Michael and Staci have signed an impressive five-unit deal to bring to multiple territories in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Dalton, Georgia.

“My career began in Dalton, ,” said Michael. “I originally went into business with a company that supplied marketing aids for flooring companies. After that, I transferred into the commercial real estate business and owned several strip centers and single-unit retailers. In 2015, I began selling off those properties and purchased a property services company that had swept some of my center’s parking lots. Staci helped with both endeavors, doing work on the floor-covering side and maintaining the rental business. We’ve been operating the sweeping company since 2016, and provide other ground maintenance services as well, including striping, seal coating, landscaping and management.”

When Michael and Staci began looking for business opportunities that would complement their property services business, they were pointed in the direction of by a consultant. After doing their due diligence and discussing the opportunity with the leadership team, the Douglases were confident that Green Home Solutions would be the perfect addition to their portfolio. 

“The main reason we chose Green Home Solutions was because of how perfectly its products and services work with our other business,” said Staci. “If we have a customer who utilizes our property services, we can now offer to help them tap into the power of environmentally conscious solutions for common household problems. From mold and odor elimination to duct cleaning and encapsulation, .”

Beyond just adding to their existing portfolio with a brand that offered cross-business promotional opportunities, another important factor in Michael and Staci’s decision to invest in Green Home Solutions was the potential for explosive growth. 

Michael, who was familiar with the business landscape of Dalton, quickly realized the impact Green Home Solutions could have on the market. With his other business in the property services sector, Michael will be able to utilize his expertise as well as tap into a preexisting pool of customer relationships. 

“Mold is an issue for properties everywhere, such as Dalton and Chattanooga,” said Michael. “I’ve been involved with commercial buildings for many years and there is a lot of dampness in these areas, so we are excited to be able to offer a well-rounded service to customers seeking a lasting, natural remedy to their lingering indoor-air issues.”

Green Home Solutions’s eco-friendlyin the mold remediation space. Thanks to this in-demand offering, franchisees have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a growing concept that has a national presence for a low buying cost.

Michael and Staci were so confident in the concept that they decided to waste no time, diving into multi-unit ownership by . With a tentative opening date of June 1, they already have a home office ready to operate and have hired a general manager with extensive knowledge in the home services segment. 

“We are so excited to work with the Green Homes Solution team to provide eco-friendly services for our customers and enhance our overall operations,” said Michael. “As we continue growing with Green Home Solutions down the line, we are confident that the business will thrive in the communities where we operate.”

Start-up costs for a Green Home Solutions franchise range from $50,475 to $132,000, including a $20,000 franchise fee. For more information on available territories, visit .