How Multiple Revenue Streams for Air Quality Drive Growth for Franchise Owners

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If you’re looking for an in-demand, recession-resilient franchise opportunity, look no further. Air quality improvements is a $5.6 billion industry* and is predicted to grow even bigger as homeowners and business owners look for ways to live cleaner and greener.** Here at Green Home Solutions, we’re the leading air quality experts in helping people and businesses breathe easier with eco-friendly products registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that improve, rather than harm, the environment.

Leverage multiple revenue streams to drive growth
As a Franchise Owner, you benefit from having multiple revenue streams that go beyond disinfecting and are in high demand by a wide variety of customers and industries. Whether it’s mold, moisture or odor for a home, business or public space, we get to the source of the problem in a way that is effective, affordable, fast and protects our planet. And, since most treatments can be completed in a matter of days, this is a win-win for our customers and Franchise Owners.

Thanks to our in-demand services, our Franchise Owners’ satisfaction is high as they continue to thrive and expand—even in today’s market conditions—proving our model to be recession-resilient. In fact, in the first half of 2020, we have signed about 25 new franchise agreements, which is a 6-month record.


Franchise Owners posing for a picture in front of their Green Home Solutions Van.


We’ve added several new territories, and as we expand, the financial gains go up and up. We’re having tremendous success!”

Steve Dubois, Multi-Unit Franchise Owner

Spotlighting our top four services
While we have a variety of essential services that are driving business, today we’re going to highlight our top four: disinfection, mold remediation, odor elimination and allergen control.



Indoor Disinfection
Our indoor disinfection services are available in three different levels–general, enhanced and hospital grade—which are 99.99% effective in killing the coronavirus. From schools to hospitals to gyms to municipal buildings, Franchise Owners are experiencing high volume with satisfied customers who appreciate our single-day service.


Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation
We use only plant-based enzymes to kill and break down mold spores as we discover the source of the mold and eliminate it. Franchise Owners say that customers love that there’s no need for demolition-it only takes 2-5 days-nd that we can treat contents in their homes that would otherwise need to be disposed of.


Allergen Control

Allergen Control 
Our allergen control services are in constant demand, including mold remediation, air duct cleaning, crawlspace/basement encapsulations and air purification that all help clear the air of allergens. Our process releases good bacteria into work of living spaces to help naturally reduce common irritants like pollen, dust mite matter and pet dander.


Odor Elimination

Odor Removal
We use a fine mist to eliminate smells from smoke, mold odor, pets and other odor sources. Our spray is free of harmful chemicals and uses fast-acting enzymes that bond to and neutralize odor molecules. No perfumes or masking agents are ever used.


Demand is high and continues to climb
As disinfecting and indoor air quality become the top of mind to many Americans, we have proven to be at the forefront of both rapidly growing industries. The numbers speak for themselves in these booming industries.

62% of U.S. consumers

intend to use environmentally friendly household products and services.***


4.6 million asthma cases 

in the U.S. are estimated to be due to dampness and mold exposure.****


$5.6 billion industry

is predicted to grow even bigger as homeowners look for ways to live cleaner and greener.*


Give your dream a breathe of fresh franchise air 
With essential services, low cost of entry, multiple revenue streams and high-demand services, owning a Green Home Solutions franchise is an easy decision. Today’s your day to take the first step and join our Franchise family. Just fill out the form below to talk with our Franchise Development Director.