Major Opportunities for Scalability with Fast-Growing Green Home Solutions

The leading indoor air quality and mold remediation franchise is a prime opportunity for franchisees who want to dominate their market.

Leading air quality and mold remediation franchise Green Home Solutions is a standout franchise opportunity thanks to its extensive service offerings and strong franchisee support network, among other qualities. What further sets the brand apart from the competition, though, is its viability as a multi-unit franchise opportunity.

All franchisees enjoy a low cost of entry, multiple revenue streams and a business model that requires few employees, but perks such as franchise fee and royalty discounts make the opportunity even more alluring for prospective multi-unit owners.

Plus, there is the opportunity to dominate one’s market.

“Multi-unit owners have an advantage in two key areas: expansion and scalability,” Green Home Solutions Chief Development Officer Glen Snyder said.

Snyder noted that one Green Home Solutions franchisee opened seven territories in less than 12 months and that many others have opened multiple units within 24 months of signing an agreement.

“A lot of multi-unit owners have multiple businesses,” Snyder said. “The type of owners we’re looking to bring in have business qualifications—we can teach the rest.”

Green Home Solutions also has another card up its sleeve to help franchisees scale their business: national relationships with major organizations. As an example, Snyder pointed to the brand’s relationship with Habitat for Humanity.

“Having relationships with national companies such as Habitat for Humanity is extremely valuable to anybody who is looking for multiple units or scalability,” Snyder said. “The value of being able to co-brand with Habitat for Humanity and to help those communities and do service work with them is a huge advantage.”

Green Home Solutions franchisees can also tap into each other’s knowledge. Between brand quarterly meetings, conventions and other gathering opportunities, they certainly have plenty of opportunities to do so.

“Our franchisees share their knowledge and success stories to help each other grow and get better and teach best practices on how to scale the business,” Snyder said.

An ideal multi-unit franchise candidate for Green Home Solutions is a self-starter who enjoys building relationships and contributing to their community. This person must also prioritize building a strong team.

“I’m looking for a business owner who will invest in their human resources in a way that will allow them to capitalize on their scalability,” Snyder said.

One Green Home Solutions franchisee who already owns multiple territories and has further plans to expand with the brand is Charles Clark. Clark signed a three-territory deal in the Twin Cities market and has already seen quite a bit of action. The veteran business owner plans to use his know-how to grow the business.

“I will be scaling the business and getting more territory without a doubt,” Clark said. “There’s an opportunity for explosive growth. I’ve only been at this for a few months and I’m busy every day.”

Clark did not think he’d want to purchase multiple territories until he dug into the Green Home Solutions business model and saw the potential for growth.

“I would have purchased one territory, but I didn’t want anyone coming into my market,” Clark said. “Already being in business and understanding the home services industry, I’m all about expansion and growth.”

Like Snyder, Clark pointed to the brand’s relationship with Habitat for Humanity, which he said provides franchisees with the opportunity to connect with larger management companies “and achieve that next-level recognition.” The way Clark sees it, Green Home Solutions is way ahead of the competition by offering eco-friendly products and services that effectively tackle mold at its source. As such, the brand is capitalizing on a growing need and will only gain recognition. Clark wants to be part of the brand as this happens and solidify his market while he’s ahead of the game.

“Because of the potential with the business model, products and what we do as a company, Green Home Solutions is going to rapidly expand and there will be interested parties coming in,” Clark said. “I’d like to dominate my market. It’s like buying Amazon stock 10 years ago, in my opinion. There’s huge potential in what we’re doing.”

The startup costs for a Green Home Solutions franchise range from $50,475 to $132,000. The franchise fee is $20,000. To learn more about franchising with Green Home Solutions, visit