Green Home Solutions Enables Franchisees to Capitalize on a Cultural Movement Taking the Country by Storm

“Going green isn’t just a trend. It’s a cultural movement.”

It was that simple idea that sparked the idea for Green Home Solutions. It all started when founder and chief cultural officer Russ Weldon realized that there was a widening gap in the environmentally friendly services industry—brands weren’t taking advantage of the fact that consumers are looking for green alternative to common household problems. So, recognizing the opportunity for consistent and long-term growth, Weldon created a brand to fill that void.

Since first opening its doors for business in 2010, Green Home Solutions has made the most of its unlimited potential. With about 60 franchisees currently operating a total of about 140 locations, it’s clear that the brand’s services are resonating with consumers and business owners alike. And Green Home Solutions isn’t planning on slowing down—the brand is actively looking for more franchisees to join its ever-growing system and get in on the ground level of one of the franchising industry’s hottest segments.

“Our position as an innovator and leader is what makes our franchise opportunity so attractive to prospective owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Our model is completely thought through, and it’s already proven itself to be successful in a wide variety of communities,” said Weldon. “We’re a solution-based, forward-leaning green business that boasts safe and effective services. That provides our franchisees with a unique opportunity to grow—even though they can create a profitable business with just one location, we’re young enough now that there are still key territories and units available. Plus, we’re backed by a lot of heart.”

Green Home Solutions’ proven business model is rooted in a passion for helping families solve common household problems with treatments that are designed to enhance their health. That’s why the brand offers a wide variety of residential and commercial services that are not only effective, but affordable, responsible, natural and safe as well. Green Home Solutions’ mold, odor, duct cleaning and encapsulation services are all also prepared with natural ingredients, and are then executed by trained professionals. That then differentiates the brand in the marketplace, allowing its franchisees to capitalize on its position as an industry leader.

“It sounds cliché, but what really gets me excited about our business ownership opportunity is that we’re in the right place at the right time. There’s a huge cultural shift happening across the country toward going safe and natural, and we’re perfectly positioned to build on that momentum,” adds Glen Snyder, Green Home Solutions’ chief development officer. “Prior to Green Home Solutions entering the market, mold and air quality solutions relied on other harmful chemicals and much more costly methodologies. But by focusing on the natural aspect of our business, we’re able to raise the bar in a way that no other company can match.”

It’s clear that Green Home Solutions is operating in a previously untapped industry that’s still primed for unlimited growth—62 percent of U.S. consumers want to use green products and services around their home. And with a low initial investment that ranges from $45,675 to $76,250 in addition to a business model that doesn’t require a storefront, lease or signage, Green Home Solutions goes above and beyond to make its business ownership opportunity both affordable and quick to launch for its franchisees. That strong competitive advantage is then coupled with the brand’s comprehensive training program and ongoing support system, ultimately setting passionate and dedicated owners up for success.

“As a franchisor, our number one priority is ensuring that every one of our local owners has the tools and resources that they need to make their business profitable. And if they follow the model that we’ve already laid out, there’s no reason why that dream of entrepreneurship can’t consistently become a reality,” said Weldon. “Green Home Solutions is just getting started, and we’re looking forward to bringing more franchisees on board to expand our reach down the line.”