High-Demand Disinfection Services Keep Franchisees Busy

Green Home Solutions has been officially identified as an essential business because of the types of services we offer our community. With the services we offer, such as indoor disinfection, our Franchise Owners across the nation are working diligently to help disinfect our homes, businesses, and public areas from harmful bacteria and viruses. Due to the recent COVID-19 virus outbreak, we have strengthened our disinfection protocols coupled with the EPA-registered Halosil Halomist™ and Halo Dry Fog Disinfectant Systems to kill 99.99% of viruses and germs, including the Coronavirus. There’s never been a more critical time to become a Green Home Solutions Franchise Owner of this recession-resilient business.

“Air quality is where our services assist with the sterilization of surfaces homeowners are doing on their own. We are busy, but we can get into a home in the morning and get people back in their homes that afternoon.”
 – Jason Toliver, Franchise Owner, Baltimore

Prepared For Future Pandemics

Our disinfection services are built in a way that’ll also address future pandemics should they emerge. As a Franchise Owner, this adds value to your business with multiple service categories to grow your revenue, and you can be confident your business will continue to thrive in any economic environment.

Huge Market Potential With Low Investment

With three levels of this essential service, including general, enhanced, and hospital grade disinfecting treatments, your potential client base is broad, including: schools, planes, buses, trains, gyms, hospitals, homes, doctor’s offices, and restaurants. Our low-investment, high-margin business model makes it an attractive way for you to own your own business, as you help create a cleaner, and safer, community.

Repeat Business For Ongoing Revenue

A disinfected area can be reinfected by people visiting after the disinfection takes place—creating an ongoing revenue stream for your Franchise with regularly scheduled treatments. This is not only true during this pandemic, but with everyday contaminants like mold, bacteria, odors, and allergens. 

“Every day it’s feel-good work, we are changing people’s live and helping to keep them safe. As we expand, the financial gains go up and up, and we’re having tremendous success,” 
-Steve Dubois, Multi-Unit Franchise Owner.

Now’s The Time To Secure Your Territory

Today’s the day to start. Be your own boss with an essential, recession-resilient business that does good for the environment and the community. You’ll have a protected territory and the leadership of industry experts to help you every step of the way.

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