Own Your Own Clean Air Franchise for just $75,000

Green Home Solutions provides a low investment for a franchisee looking for high reward

Buying a franchise is an investment nonetheless. Whether dealing with financials or time dedicated, beginner franchisees, or even experienced multi-unit operators, invest a significant amount in a new franchise business. A franchise can extend well into the millions depending on brand, real estate, etc. on top of the time spent during prospect journey. For example, to purchase a McDonalds, a prospective franchisee needs to have about one million dollars in liquid assets along with a year (maybe more) to dedicate to training. For someone wanting to get into the franchise world, there are other rewarding, lower investments to look into.

Take Green Home Solutions, a brand which prides itself on the low investment that come with its business. In fact, a franchisee interested in getting into his or her local, environmentally-friendly, mold-removal service needs about $75,000 of liquid capital. Additionally, the timeline for getting a Green Home Solutions business up and running can be a matter of weeks, compared to the several months or years needed to begin with another franchise. In an interview with 1851 Magazine, Glen Snyder, Chief Development Officer of Green Home Solutions, said, “Franchising with us is a low investment, but definitely places franchisees in a high budget business. Mold removal is an untapped $5.6 billion-dollar industry.”

The clean air franchise doesn’t only offer mold removal. Franchisees enjoy multiple revenue streams by offering BetterAir probiotics, air quality testing, duct cleaning and crawl space encapsulation services.

To capitalize on the demand for these types of services, the brand has plans to open around 200 units opened by the end of 2018.

Snyder explained the reason for the low franchise cost is due to the franchisee having the ability to run the service out of his or her home. “There is no brick and mortar location attached to the business need saving the franchisee both time and money,” explained Snyder. Additionally, it saves the franchisee time when starting the business. The finding and solidification of business real estate can be quite an extensive time-consuming process. Green Home Solutions can save a franchisee many months of waiting as they move swiftly into business—some franchisees are up and running within just 60 days.

Speaking of the business, the actual Green Home Solutions business model is another addition of the brand’s low investment. Other franchises explain that their brands have a proven model, but “everything is laid out for the franchisee,” says Snyder. “For example, Green Home Solutions provides an equipment package to new franchisees and supplies can be ordered and restocked by simply logging onto the website.”

The Green Home Solutions corporate team is focused on helping their franchisees become successful, adding to the low effort business model. James Bushey, a franchisee in servicing the Virginia Beach market explained that those who invest in the brand are “in business for yourself, but not by yourself.” Not only is there support from the corporate team, but franchisees partner with business coaches and network with realtors and home inspectors to grow their market share.

Lastly, Green Home Solutions is a low investment franchise due to the few employees needed to run a business. It isn’t necessary to recruit new employees to begin with the brand which saves much time as franchisees dodge the hiring and training wait. Depending on the size of the territory, only a few technicians are needed.

Green Home Solutions is a great brand to look into for those looking to franchise with a money and time restraint.